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Welcome To Woodside Nursery School


Structure of the Day

The nursery will be ready, warm and welcoming when children arrive. We have a flexible routine that incorporates a balance of adult and child initiated activities. Each child is planned for according to their individual needs and interests.

We follow the guidance and standards set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which aims to provide a structure for children from birth to 5 years old.

Our daily structure in each department has been approved by both Ofsted and the PLA Accreditation scheme. As always, if you would like to discuss anything relating to this please see a member of staff.

The nursery hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday inclusive 8.00am to 6.00pm
Excluding Bank Holidays

Welcome Packs

About a month before your child is due to start nursery you will be sent a welcome pack from the relevant department.

These will give you more information about things your child will need to bring to nursery.

Mothers who are breast feeding are welcome to visit the nursery to feed their babies, or if that is not possible, to bring in supplies of their own milk in a labelled bottle.

We do respectfully ask that children avoid bringing in toys from home as this can cause distress if they are lost or broken. Comforters are very welcome and we ask that these along with all other personal possessions (clothes, shoes, lunchboxes etc) are clearly marked.

Please note we have a “no sweets” policy and this also includes in lunchboxes.

Introduction to Nursery School

Some children will take to nursery quicker and easier than others. The staff are used to such situations and will work with you to make the settling-in period as easy for both you and your child as possible. Please be aware though, that for some children this can take weeks rather than days but staff will be there to support you both.

We recommend a minimum of 2 visits plus a key person visit before your child starts nursery properly. This will be discussed with you after you have received your welcome pack from the relevant department.

All parents are advised to attend the key person visit as this gives both home and nursery an opportunity to get to know each other before your child starts. We will also discuss your child’s routine, likes/dislikes and dietary requirements and stage of development. In line with current guidelines all babies sleep on their backs or sides and are checked every 10 minutes.

We are concerned with every child’s happiness and if it is clear that your child has not settled after a reasonable period of time, we will meet with parents and discuss the best route to take for that child.


The “Bunnies” and “Hedgehog” Departments maintain daily reports. The “Owls” Department send home a weekly “Ask me about” booklet that lists the activities they have participated in at key worker circle time. In addition there is a white board in the cloakroom area giving you a list of general activities and snack choices daily.

Staff are always available to talk to parents and we hope by achieving a close working relationship with you that it will help to identify your child’s needs and learning journey.

Providing Equality of Opportunity

We have a responsibility to ensure positive attitudes to diversity and difference, not only so that every child is included and not disadvantaged, but also so that they learn from the earliest age to value diversity in others and grow up making a positive contribution to society.

Policy Documents

All of our Policies are available to view in the nursery and parents are invited to make comments and be involved in the reviewing of them. Please see each department’s notice board.

This information can be translated into different languages and can also be made available in Braille/audio tape by contacting Emas on 02392 733130.

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